Comments of Appreciation from Our Guests

We thought it would be nice to share some of the nice comments of appreciation we received from our B&B guests. If you are interested in staying with us E-mail us at info (at!) to get rates and availablity information.

And here’s a photo of a sunset on the beach nearby you might appreciate. :)

Sunset on a beach

Sunset on the beach nearby. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

On my bus ride here from Santo Domingo I asked Jehovah for an open heart so I could feel like I was among family.  That’s exactly what happened with you two and all the friends in Bavaro.  You will always be my Bavaro parents.  – Gabrielle A.

The room was very clean, which we appreciated.  Our fan kept the room cool, and the bed is very comfortable.  We loved the water pressure in the shower.  The blueberry pancakes and coffee made our experience a memorable one. – Kylie & Sylvana

We didn’t know what to expect when arriving in Bavaro, but we felt very much at home in your B & B with our two-year-old. – Elizabeth & Elliot H.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Bavaro–thanks to you both.  We felt safe and comfortable while exploring this “new land”.  We the loved the beach and the pool here.  We also appreciate the Christian love and hospitality shown by you and the English congregation here.  We can’t wait to come back. – The Backman family

What a reflexion of Jehovah’s love you both are.  Truly I have experienced what our worldwide brotherhood of love means.  Being able to stay with you two made it that much more enjoyable. – Alisa R.

Your humor and laid back personalities can make anyone feel free to be themselves.  You have greatly added to this wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. – Porsche’ M.

Thank you for your hospitality.  The memories and experiences from the last week are something I will always cherish. – Mark H.

You have made my first experience out of the country a great one.  I’m glad I have gotten to experience this trip while staying with you. it’s been quite fun. – Krystal T.

I really appreciate the hospitality that was shown by you guys and everyone in Bavaro.  You are my home away from home.  I look forward to coming down again real soon. – Rachel T.

This was a nice way to celebrate our 37th anniversary and share in the need-greater work.  – Larry & Jeanne W.

This experience has reminded us that Jehovah’s people all over the world are united in our worship although our cultures and personalities may vary. – Ebony, Jenai B. & Dawn W.

We loved our stay here at Casa Warner, and the pool is fantastic.  This is definitely our favorite B & B in the country. – Dmitri & Shannon K.